Little League® Diamond Leader Discussions: Lisa Uber

In the more than two decades that Lisa Uber has spent as a volunteer Little League® coach, she has coached across all divisions of play. As each of her children grew up, she moved up with them, both in baseball and softball. Even when her grandkids entered the picture, she again found herself starting at the youngest division – Tee Ball 

Today, her kids and grandkids are grown up, but Ms. Uber continues to step out onto the field as a Tee Ball coach for Walkertown (N.C.) Little League.  

“The Tee Ball division is my favorite age to coach. I think coaches and volunteers who are worried about taking on that youngest division don’t understand the impact they could have on the players,” said Ms. Uber. “Everything starts at the Tee Ball level, and it is so rewarding to be a part of the molding and shaping of these young lives, knowing that when they step off the field for the last time that season, they have learned important lessons not just about the game, but about life, too.”  

Recognized as the April 2024 Little League Diamond Leader of the Month, as part of the Girls with Game 50 Celebration, Ms. Uber recently shared her experience in a Diamond Leader Discussion: 

From your experience with the Little League Diamond Leader Training Program, why do you think it is important for not just coaches, but for all volunteers to take the training   

I think there are coaches who approach the game with a winat-all-costs attitude, and this training program teaches the other aspects of coaching and other things that you need to be a good coach. I have always tried to coach with the mindset that it is not all about winning. I want to teach my players how to win, but I also want to teach them how to handle a loss, too. I want to teach them how to be good leaders, good teammates, and be respectful towards others, which is not always a coach’s mindset when they go into that first practice. The Diamond Leader training helps put everything into perspective 

This year marks the 50th Anniversary of the Little League Softball® World Series, and 50 years of girls being allowed to participate in the Little League program. What does the Girls with Game 50 celebration mean to you as a female playing an active role in the program? 

I think it is important for the young players, boys and girls, to see females in that strong, leadership role and to respect females in that role the same way they respect men. From my experience, players are receptive to it and appreciate when they see a woman out on the field who knows what she is doing and shows that she can lead them not only when they win a game, but when they lose a game, too. Women need to be visible in this sport, they need to be out there showing they can be a strong role model, and they need to show that women can not only handle the responsibilities of being a coach, but they can do it well, too.  

What does it mean to you to be a Diamond Leader for the youngest age of Little Leaguers®? 

Each practice, I pick a player to be a leader for the day and they all take it very seriously, working hard to lead by example. For me, that is success. When the Little Leaguers are teaching and leading by example at age five or six, it really hits me in the heart in the best way. So, to be a Diamond Leader for this age of players is rewarding. This training really pushes coaches to see that it is not all about winning and recognize that we have young lives we are helping shape as they grow and that all starts on the ball field. Developing players into leaders, understanding what each child can do, and pushing them to be their best is what a Diamond Leader in this program should be doing.  

Lisa Uber with some of her Tee Ball Little Leaguers®

The Little League Diamond Leader program, which was first piloted with nearly 1,000 Little League volunteers throughout the 2022 season, was created as part of the Susan Crown Exchange’s Million Coaches Challenge and developed in coordination with the Aspen Institute’s Project Play. Focused on ensuring children have a positive, well-rounded experience on and off the field, the Little League Diamond Leader Training Program is a FREE educational resource that provides coaches with an understanding of the impact that mental, social, and emotional well-being has in youth sports through detailed information, interactive scenarios, and a variety of additional resources. Learn more and become a Diamond Leader yourself by visiting

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NOTE: The Little League Diamond Leader Discussions is a piece of the #GWG50 Celebration in 2024, with interviews of select Girls with Game who have completed the Little League Diamond Leader training program and exemplify their learnings at their local fields. To learn more about this initiative, visit The #GWG50 celebration is proudly supported by DICK’S Sporting Goods, a long-time Little League partner that is committed to creating opportunities for girls and women in sports and will be activating around key events and milestones this year.